Our Materials

The Eighth Salt. is proud to advise we use only locally sourced premium quality fabrics and materials from Sydney, Australia. We believe quality products can solely be produced using quality materials. We endeavour to be a 0% waste business, ensuring to measure and cut our fabrics accurately to minimize wastage and reduce harm on our planet.


Linen is our signature style textile where the first scrunchie made under The Eighth Salt. brand was made in linen. We use 100% Premium Linen Suiting Fabric made of 210 gsm fabric weight in our Linen Collection range, making it our thickest fabric. Linen is a textile that is made from flax plant fibres enabling it to be very strong, absorbent and quick drying when compared to cotton. These characteristics coupled with linens distinctive weave texture provide it with a luxurious look and feel, making it the go-to fabric for that elevated look.

Linen Blend

Linen blend is a combination of linen and cotton spun together to form a lightweight, breathable textile. This textile blend has the cool comfort of linen while having the wearability and versatility of cotton. We use a composition of 40% Linen to 60% Cotton of 160 gsm fabric weight, giving it the ultimate fabric feel and viscosity. Linen blend is the perfect choice on hot summer days, while still looking chic in linens distinctive weave.  

Deluxe Satin

Deluxe Satin is a stunning and supremely versatile textile, and will add a stylish touch to any outfit of elegance. We use a composition of 95% Polyester and 5% Elastane of 200gsm fabric weight, which provides a softer, smoother feel and high lustre look. Satin is a type of fabric weave that produces a gleaming, soft, and lustrous material. Our satin is weaved with elastane providing it was its characteristic deluxe smooth finish helping it glide on and off hair without breakage, damage or creasing.

Charmeuse Satin

A satin weave is a type of woven fabric which produces a smooth, soft and high sheen material. We use 100% Polyester of 200gsm fabric weight, providing a strong, structured textile. Satin can be relied upon for a variety of applications for its versatile and durable qualities, while uplifting any look. It is perfect for use in scrunchies as its signature smooth characteristics prevents breakage, damage and creasing to the hair.


Chiffon is a delicate silky fabric with a sheer, lightweight and semi-transparent appearance. It has fantastic draping qualities due to its plain weave consisting of woven alternating S and Z twists. We use a composition of 56% Viscose and 44% Polyester of 150 gsm fabric weight; the high viscose percentage gives the fabric a highly breathable and comfortable wear while looking effortless and chic in the hair.


Rayon is made from natural sources and is considered a manmade synthetic fibre. It is a grade of viscose and depending on the natural fibres used in its production, rayon can imitate silk, wool, linen, and cotton. We use 100% Viscose of 160 gsm fabric weight, making it a very soft to touch and flowing fabric, perfect for scrunchies.


Cotton is an everyday essential fabric due to its inherent soft, breathable, and durable characteristics. We use 100% Prima Cotton made of 200 gsm fabric weight in our Cotton Collection range. Cotton is a fluffy ball of fibre that grows as a protective case around seeds of the cotton plant. The fibre is spun into yarn or thread where it can be used in a variety of applications.


Tulle fabric is a type of netting which is light weight, sheer and very fine. It is often layered due to its sheer quality and used in ballet tutus, costumes and adds a touch of magic to special occasion garments. Our tulle scrunchies add a touch of sparkle and fun to any child's outfit. We use a composition of 100% Polyester made of 120 GSM fabric


Cuddle Fur is a faux fur manufactured to replicate real fur and has a pile or hair type appearance. It consists of a very soft, fluffy teddy bear look and feel. It is commonly made from a knitted, synthetic fabric that is either acrylic or polyester fibers. We use 100% Polyester of 300 gsm fabric weight, making it a voluminous and furry scrunchie.


Luxe Crepe fabric is a medium weight material which has great sheen, drape and texture qualities. It is often made from synthetic fibers and consists of a distinctive rippled and bumpy appearance. We use a composition of 95% Polyester and 5% Elastane of 165 gsm fabric weight.


Lace is a delicate textile that adds a touch of grace and beauty. Our Lace is of Stretch Nylon giving it that extra spring when being tied around hair. Lace is derived from weaving a web-like pattern from yarn or thread to form an intricate and detailed design. For that touch of old-world glam or that timely sophistication, lace is the
go-to textile.